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Dear Struggling Student,

If you were anything like me when I was your age, then you’re probably tearing yourself up over all the school work you have to keep up with. You most likely find yourself always bringing home piles of books to read and another pile of paperwork to write, after you come home from your two part-time jobs at two restaurants located on the opposite sides of town.

I never knew how I was able to manage back then, but I know that if I were in college like you are now, I would not even be able to manage.

School and work occupy the majority of your waking hours. In fact, you could say they take up ALL of your waking hours, which is pretty much almost all of the 24 hours of your day

To make matters so much worse for today’s college and even high school students, your professors and teachers do not seem to understand how much pressure students are going through these days.

I know one professor who thinks students do nothing but go to parties, get drunk and sleep through their classes. Other people say with all the information available on the Internet these days, students should be able to crank out a decent essay in their sleep.

What they are not aware of is that life has made it harder for a lot of college students. Do your professors really expect a 5,000-word essay on the evolution of classical Greek sculpture by tomorrow when you are forced to wait tables for snooty customers simply so you could pay the money you owe for choosing to go to school?

Yes, They Do. And It Is Simply Not Fair.

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