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Dear Worn-Out College Student,

In earlier years, college would have been a breeze. We would have believed in the myth of the bikini-clad college girl who prances from frat party to frat party attached to her plastic red beer cup. But we don’t.

Certainly, there are exceptions. Certainly, an occasional spoiled brat who sits on a trust fund and doesn’t worry about mundane things such as jobs and student loans will perpetuate that myth.

We know, however, that majority of college students are mature young adults who carry almost-impossible responsibilities on their shoulders. Sadly, most college professors don’t see this as the case. You can thank all those spring break movies for making other people believe that all you do is get in trouble and get wasted and that you deserve to be inundated in a heap of paperwork as punishment for your immature behavior.

Do You Really Deserve This Workload?

People have to realize the fact that college students nowadays have different experiences from when they were in college. Your professors never faced tens of thousands of dollars in student loans; hence, they were never forced to take on multiple jobs while balancing them with courses that are increasingly becoming more and more technical to meet the demands of a highly specialized workforce.

And, like it or not, they should also admit the fact that more of their students are parents who either had children early or are going back to college to increase their competitiveness in a dwindling economy.

These days, college students are stressed, exhausted, and always ready to drop into bed if they had a chance, which rarely comes rolling around thanks to the millions of papers that their professors drop on their desks every day.

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Did you hear that right? Is there a way for you to stop being so tired and sleepy all the time without giving up your classes, your jobs and your love life (if you have one)?

Yes, you can. Scott (not his real name) from Indiana once came to us asking if we could help with his dilemma. He had a 10-page essay on the developmental history of the telescope due at 8AM the next day, but his boss has pleaded him to work at the bar overtime for the night and promised a really good bonus if he went through with it. Scott didn’t know what to do. On one hand, he had to pass that course in Intro to Astronomy if he wanted to become an aviation engineer. On the other hand, if he didn’t get the bonus, he might not have enough to pay for school next semester!

You can see how torn Scott felt. So we offered to write his essay for him. That’s right! We promised Scott he could go and earn his money while we sat down and wrote the essay for him. The next day, he went to class and turned in his essay. Scott is now on his fourth year.

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